Who are we

LIFETEC AS has long experience in the design, measurement and assessment of possible measures of noise offshore, from industry and transport.


  • Noise control in all phases of engineering. This includes støyprediksjon, specifications, studies of acoustic output, rørstøyberegninger mm
  • After measurements and documentation of noise and vibrations.
  • Measurements with noise dose meter and calculating noise doses
  • Recommendations of noise reduction measures, based on measurements and / or calculations.
  • Risk assessment of hazardous noise.


  • Measure and calculate utdendørs støyutberedelse from industry.
  • Consider noise equipment requirements and regulatory requirements to noise.
  • Measuring whole-body vibration from the vibrating equipment.

Transport and Communications

  • Measurements and calculations of traffic noise.
  • Description of measures.
  • Assessment of noise in relation to regulatory requirements.

Building acoustics

  • Measurements of sound insulation.
  • Measurement of reverberation.
  • Recommendation of measures.

PA and alarm systems

  • Calculation of articulation index (Ai)
  • Calculation of the signal / noise ratio
  • Measurement of Rapid Speech Transmission Index (RASTI)
  • Measurement of alarm coverage