How would you measure the noise from a machine only and isolate there rest?

Which measuring standard should you use?

The purpose of measuring the noise of machinery or equipment is usually to determine the product's noise contribution to the area. When measuring how much noise is coming from a particular pump, compressor, ventilation device or similar, it is important to exclude external sounds. We want only the noise contribution from the object being measured.

Often, other noise sources are located nearby and contribute to the overall level in the area. Moreover, sound reflections from the ceiling and walls increase the noise level when the object being measured is in a room.

It is thus necessary to perform measurements using methods that correct for this. Lifetec performs certified noise measurements in accordance with recognized standards such as ISO 9614-2 and ISO 3740 series.

In connection with equipment test / factory test we can also do vibration measurements for the desired standard.

What we offer:

  • Writing of test procedures
  • Sound Power measurements (based in ISO 9614 or ISO 3744-3746)
  • Vibration measurements (whole body, hand-arm or machine)
  • Quality assured reports
  • Recommendation of measures to achieve noise and vibration requirements for the measured equipment

Contact person for equipment noise test:

Amund Josefsen
[email protected]
+47 419 01 783

Other services we provide:


Noise and vibration measurements for industry, transportation and construction sectors.

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From noise exposure to road traffic noise, sound insulation to vibrations and more.

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Advice and reporting

Project follow-up, noise control advice, technical reports, certificates, etc.

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